Face the challenges of border customs


Crossing the border with your goods for business or personal can be a hustle at almost all border posts in Southern Africa and indeed other parts of the world. This challenge is greatly amplified when it comes to Road Freight compared to say Air Freight. The waiting lines can be incredibly long and the service not so great to say the least. African temperatures and under par service from border officials makes the exercise unbearable.

At Relax Logistics we have a team of professional clearing agents at all border posts to assist with clearance. This is to ensure that cargo gets cleared as quickly as possible. We offer 24 hour proof of delivery and a week to retrieve a copy of customs documentation. The agents and agencies that we work with have presence at all border posts in our sphere of operation.

I’ve been happy with the services provided by Reliable Logistics. Mr. Innocent has been wonderful! He returned my calls quickly, and answered all my queries regarding Clearance!

Point of note, most border posts are now super strict in most Southern African countries regarding the through fare of goods such as import vehicles, perishables like Fruits, Vegetables and Meat, Chinese imports etc. Reliable Logistics has strong diplomatic ties with the relevant officials and has been certified to move various types of cargo. This is undeniably due to the company’s upstanding record as a legitimate business in Africa.

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